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  • Smoke Dart

  • Smoke Dart

Smoke Darts utilize either dragon rope or space rope leashes, have an integrated swivel and allow the Enola Gaye WP40 smoke grenades to be easily attached inside the head. You can use a quarter to attach or remove the grenade. With grenade these weigh about 12oz.

Use THIS PAGE to order additional Smoke Grenades

Remember to pull the wire pin out of the grenade sideways, not upwards.

The Practice Dragon Rope leashes are NOT rated for use with other fire heads (smoke is not a fire head). If you want a fire leash with this setup, make sure to select Fire Leash from the drop down menu.

If you order smoke grenades - type in the "Add Note" field below what colors you want. You can choose between Orange, Purple, Teal and Red/Pink. Include the quantity of each that adds up to what you order. Because these are incendiary devices, there is a HazMat shipping charge and these can only be shipped UPS Ground.
Signature is also required for delivery.
We CAN NOT ship smoke grenades to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally. We can only ship within the contiguous U.S.

Innovation Credit - the first product level smoke dart that we know of was made by RollinSticks. They helped support us developing our version and are WONDERFUL artists and humans.


Each x $75.00 =

We are sorry but this product is temporarily out of stock.
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